Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How many times..

I boarded the flight for Mumbai on April 7th to record a song for a new film. Reached Mumbai and headed straight to 'Flavours', the best dolby mixing theatre (studio) in India. Our sound designers Jojo and Potla were already here with Leslie , the studio owner and mixing engineer. My father was outside the theatre, in the sitting room reading out the script of his new film to an actor. I went in and sat quietly. Dad read enthusiastically with his usual Woody Allen-ish hand movements. I lit a smoke. A cellphone rang suddenly. Dad picked it up and spoke. After a few seconds of silence,he said "tai naki!! WOW!...kobe? ...SURE...ami neel ke bole raakchhi..kolkataye pouchhe lets fix it." He disconnected the line and passed on the news. Bob Dylan has made music history by becoming the first rock musician to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Dylan has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power.
Trust the Great India's funny how the Kolkata dailies haven't yet made it news. I came back to the city this afternoon and most of my friends were unaware of the fact. How could the reputed dailies of Calcutta, those that normally don't miss out on pointless, hackneyed discussions on the 'great man' in bookstores and cha bars,miss out on this one?
Dylan's Pulitzer is a special citation. His award marks the first Pulitzer given to a rock musician.However Previous recipients of the music award include the legendary composer George Gershwin and the Jazz Legend John Coltrane.
The 66-year-old legend said he was "in disbelief".
Prize administrator Sig Gissler said: "This award reflects the efforts of the Pulitzer board to broaden the scope of the music prize, and encompass the full range of excellence in American music. It also recognises Mr Dylan's lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power."
So come gather round reporters, journos and editors... How many times will you turn your head and pretend that you just didn't see?


little boxes said...

Nicely put.its a crazy world we live in.
But its really great news...

Anil P said...

Would rather have those 'pointless, hackneyed discussions' than those that seemingly convey something about nothing!

He deserved it, no doubt.

Ashi said...

considering that I was wallowing in self pity till some three hours back until I started listening to Just like a woman. I demand them to be show caused

little boxes said...


little boxes said...

i come to this blog everyday...wishing something new would be up.
and i navigate back to my blog everyday.disappointed :(