Thursday, November 30, 2006

Your eyes are soft, earthy. You smell like a child.
You kiss like a woman. You call like the wild.
You're subtlety personified. You bring me brand new days.
You're the song of the road that the gramaphone plays.
You're the magic of the moonlight, you're the navy blue tide.
You're a mystic river, flowing by my side.
You're a dusky Joan baez criticizing the pope
with a worn out guitar and Zimmerman’s hope
You're the legend of my fantasies, sarcasms and sins
It's to you I confess my blacks, my blues and greens
You're the woman I dreamt, she was wounded in love
With a drunken angel, crucified above
You asked me ‘if I was lonely’, you took me by my hand
All I had was Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band
You looked into my eyes; I tried to see your soul
We swapped bitter espressos and discussed black holes
As the storm trespassed silently upon my windowpane
I played my guitar and it started to rain
You slithered next to me when Chaplin smiled
Your eyes were soft and earthy. You smelt like a child.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You came to me in a moment of whisper, like the mellow sun on a lazy winter afternoon.
We clicked photographs and asked questions. I bought you chocolates. You brought me eternity.
And you said, there aren't reasons for everything. And we felt good.
Someday we'll paint the whole town blue. Someday we'll have memories. And it's always better when we're together.

That's her.

Friday, November 24, 2006


We are a rock revolving
Around a golden sun
We are a billion children rolled into one
So when I hear about the hole in the sky
Saltwater wells in my eyes

We climb the highest mountain
We'll make the desert bloom
We're so ingenious we can walk the moon
But when I hear of how the forest have died
Saltwater wells in my eyes

I have lived for love
But now that's not enough
For the world I love is dying And now I'm crying
And time is not a friend
As friends we're out of time
And it's slowly passing by ....right before our eyes

We light the deepest ocean
Send photographs of Mars
We're so enchanted my how clever we are
Why should one baby feel so hungry she cries
Saltwater wells in my eyes

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

‘Where Have all the Cities Gone?,’ Asked Wong Kar Wai

The artist of dissolving cityscapes now turns to composing poetic elegies to the urban world that he feels once was and never will be again. If in In the Mood for Love Wong Kar Wai took daring leaps of imagination to place the rotting away of cities at the intersection of the death of personal desire and war and carnage then in 2046, notionally a sequel to In the Mood…, Mr Chow survives the decades following the 1960s and finds himself facing a new generation of urban technologies – human and material – that somehow retains the molecular intensity of pure desire itself. In between war and disease have eaten away at the crumbling facades of the city to create a new generation of human beings who see and think differently yet desire the proximity of human bodies as before. The dissolution of Mr Chow’s secret left forever in a hole in the wall of a Cambodian temple at the end of In the Mood… is followed in the sequel by his career as a profligate and promiscuous writer-journalist. Mr Chow has liaisons with women who will metamorphose in a different generation and decade into protagonists of Kar Wai’s earlier cinema. Here Kar Wai had used the combined intensities of kitsch and new visual machines to meditate upon human fate in times of perpetual motion and wayward desires in the dissolving cities of the 1980s and 1990s. The city dies because love cannot be expressed and it dies when it is expressed badly – people leave. In the end Mr Chang is left on the edge of a technological science fictive future where his desire has become a myth and fuels the cables that keep the infemotional grids of cybercities going, grids that create the mood for love in the year 2046.
The irony of course is that even the past of Kar Wai’s fantasy of the 1960s is recreated through the technologies of 2046. Probably, there is a truth in all of this. The past when sentiments could be expressed is best filmed through the technologies of the present; the materiality of cities and landscapes moves as if animated by a mind, expressive of the emotions of protagonists. But this same movement takes bodies away from cities, borne away by the intensity of unfulfilled desires, the energy freed up used to imagine new techniques of visualisation. Cities were a map of the human mind, its architectonics a trace of the twists and turns of the deepest human curiosity to explore the unknown. The city of In the Mood…has disappeared forever; left are the poses and sensuously real images of the past that might teach future surfers of the virtually real two or three things Kar Wai knew about love.

Finding Neverland!

In an age of much progress and urbanization, we are losing our imagination. Modern man cannot give easy answers anymore. “ The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint- Exupery is a celebration of the innocence inherent in man. The innocence that finds adults strange. The innocence that is often misunderstood.

After coming to Earth the little prince saw hundreds and thousands of roses. But he understood that only one rose was special. It was special because he had cared for it. The care, the love is what fills most things with a magical quality. Nobody knows this better than the children do. They care for rag dolls, weather beaten teddy bears and broken tea sets. Somewhere in the process of growing up, we forget this. We forget that it is not the object at all which is unique by itself but the feelings that we have for it that makes it so special.

“ The Little Prince” is a book that one reads and then goes on reading. As children, we identify with the little prince. However, we grow up to realize that at some point in life it is important to repair the aero plane engine and fly back to the safe, known world. It’s useless to wonder about the uses of the thorns of a flower if the sheep can eat it all the same. Still even if we do grow up, sometimes without even wanting to, De Saint- Exupery offers a gentle reassurance that somewhere in all of us lives the golden haired little prince too.
Throughout the fable, the child in us comes out and questions us. What happened to the belief, which could find a village well in the middle of Sahara? What happened to faith? Have we all neglected the deadly baobab seeds and let them get so big that they are threatening to consume our own small worlds?
All of us know this little prince. Like the author, we have held him in our arms too. Holding our selves, alone in a strange desert and wondering “ the lands of tears is so mysterious”.

Sgt. Pilchers Lonely Hearts Club Band

A Scotland Yard drug squad headed by Sergeant Pilcher- was determined to demolish the drug-using rock counterculture threatening to take over Britain in the late 60’s.
Pilcher's favorite marijuana-sniffing canine assisted the sergeant under the code name of Willie. He signed the pact by stamping his right front paw print on the document. The rationale behind the blueprint concocted was that rock stars were popular icons worshipped by the fans and were promoting drug use by the copycat effect. Willie did not get along with cats!

As a warm-up, the squad targeted the singer Donovan of ''Mellow Yellow'' fame, who was considered to pose a serious menace to civilized life in Britain. The Sergeant busted him on drug charges. Pilcher himself got a lot of press and TV attention.

At a wild party at Redlands, Keith Richards house in West Sussex, the squad proceeded with Operation Rolling Storm. They found a completely naked young woman (enticingly referred to in press reports as the carpeted ''Miss X'') under a fur rug, high on pot, and a Canadian drug dealer named David Scheidermann in possession of marijuana.

At the trial, which lasted June 27 through June 29, 1967, at West Sussex Quarter Sessions, Keith was sentenced to twelve months in prison plus 500 pound costs for the crime of hosting the party. Mick Jagger and Robert Fraser were convicted of possession of pep pills legally bought in Italy.

In October next year, Sergeant Pilcher's Lonely Heart Club Band, led by their mascot Willie, ransacked the flat at 34 Montague Square, London W.1., owned by Ringo Starr but the temporary home of John Lennon and Yoko Ono who was pregnant at the time. The police claimed to have discovered 219 grains of cannabis resin in the ensuing search. Hours after being bailed free, Yoko had to be rushed to Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital, where the doctors confirmed a miscarriage. Bad timing Sergeant Pilchers!
On November 28, John pled guilty to possession of cannabis resin and was fined 150-pound.

In an interview with Andy Peoples on BBC, two days before the Beatle's death, John explained the situation. According to his account, the previous resident, Jimi Hendrix, had left stacks of drugs in the flat. When he found out that Pilcher was coming after him, John contended that he thoroughly cleaned up the premises of the stacks of drugs. John said that Pilcher, who had called the press for some photos ops at the flat, set up the thing. John had pled guilty because the British government would have otherwise deported Yoko, as they were not married at that point.

When Paul McCartney was getting married to Linda Eastman at Saint John's Wood Roman Catholic church in the morning of March 12, 1969, Sergeant Pilcher busted the Harrison’s' estate, Kinfauns, located in Esher, south of London. George and Patti Boyd were charged with possession of marijuana. An expert in this period, writing under the pen name of Mr. Mustard, labels Pilcher the consummate ''scam artist'' in his holy war to stamp out drugs from Britain. According to Mr. Mustard, George did have a lot of pot but not where the cops maintained to have found it.

Fortunately, the squad’s reign of terror ended. As stated in Part 3 of the Beatles Anthology TV series, it was discovered that the Sergeant Pilcher had committed perjury in court. Pilcher was sentenced to serve four years in prison for this crime.

On the other hand, Willie got interested in Paul’s female sheepdog Martha after listening to Paul's song ''Martha My Dear,'' included in the 'White Album.'

a lost soul...

faded blues!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Did you know!

Did you know that...

If the U.S. government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations implemente don July 16, 1969 make it illegal for U.S citizens to have any contact with extra-terrestrials or their vehicles.

The greatest recorded number of children that have bene born by one mother in 69'- the poor lass gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and a measely 4 sets of quadruplets. Even in the days before IVF.

In Texas arecently passed anti-crime law requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, either orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed. Only in Texas.

In Alaska it is legal to shoot bears. However waking a sleeping bear to take photographs is prohibited.

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Next time you feel a sneeze coming try it!

the mighty Amyt !

Paris 2006'

Jaipur Smiles.

Unlocking the code!

postcard from the edge!

Paradise Now !

Old Friends

Monday, November 13, 2006

Incoherent thoughts for Boo!

Life is a lost note of Miles.
"It plays joy, it plays pain. It tells of all the silent tears wept".
I don't know how it happened. But thank god it happened.
I love it when you caress me with your laziness when I lie down on my bed with the fans off on a late november afternoon.
You're in my mind; you're in my pain. You're in my madness, crying in the rain.
Romantic comedies once again make me feel good about myself.
They make me realize that "It's not always easy and sometimes life can be decieving.
But I'll tell you one thing, It's always better when we're together".

Words are all I have. And words are all you have.
And the song I was writing is still undone.
I am a believer. Yet, there are times when I doubt my belief.
"The only truth I know is you."