Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ummme Chowrasta!

Today was kinda zippy. Had to meet boo. She's all set to sit for her 1st University exam. She's leaving tommorrow. Won't be able to meet her tommorrow. Am starting recording the soundtrack for my 7th feature film. This one's tentitively called 'Chowrasta, with love'. Chowrasta- Mall- Darjeeling. It's just got one song so it's the most difficult work. Can't fall back on any other song. Just one song and it HAS to work well with the listeners. It's an english language film- Indo-English. My guitar guru Amyt'da is gonna play on my track tommorrow. Kunal will be singing it. He's always a great guy to work with. perfect pitching and a very open voice. Lyrics are still being worked on by Vibha, a friend in Mumbai. Wait till you guys hear it!

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little boxes said...

all the best...do well as boo shits bricks in her pants :)
waiting to hear it...