Thursday, April 3, 2008's only evening and I feel so tired. Tired of the midday heat..dry, arid. Thoughts of May brings jitters. The hot air is getting unbearable. However it turned cool a while back with the coming of Baishaki- O crazy wind...lolz.
Rehersal went off pretty well. Father's leaving for Mumbai tommorrow for the last lap of 'Chalo Let's Go'. The entire team incluing Jojo and Potla are already out there working on the final dolby mix. They will all be back on the 18th of this month with the first print of the film. Work on Chowrasta has also started on the side. The crew leaves for Darjeeling on the 26th of April.
The song is coming out pretty well. Amyt'da's guitar will once again sweep the listers off their feet...amazing dorian licks!
Will go out for dinner tonite. Will lie down for a while and contemplate. Sudden streaks of lighning can be seen on the evening sky...atlast It's raining!

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little boxes said...

Nice and simple.hope u had a great dinner and all my wishes 4 the 2 new films.there are some typing errors here n there-dekhe nio.