Monday, March 31, 2008

31st March

It suddenly rained for a little while this evening and the city turned pretty cool. Morning was great. Met up wid Boo and Su at South City. Bumped onto Ma and dida suddenly. Dida met boo for the first time. Rushed to work after that. At Sanjay's house on Jodhpur Park. Twas a great place to work....cosy and casual. Guess what? Sajay, Raja and I went back to South city for lunch. Punjabi thaali, fresh pineapple juice and topped it up with Fer Rocher Gelato! Came back to work with a box of goodies from Kookie Jar to be accompanied with the evening coffee. Work got over at around 10:15. Alas back home through the cool streets of my city!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A is for Austerity. I believe great art is austere.
B is for Boo...the most important part of my life.
C is for Calcutta , that's the name I grew up with. And Coffee, strong and black wih 2 suger cubes.
D is for Dylan- the prophet, the painter, the piper!
E is for Elvis Presley, i cud die for that voice.
F is for friends...still searching!
G is for Godot. It has many interpretations. To me it means Hope. G is also for Guitar.
H is for Home- where my dreams are safe and sound, where my music playes on and on!
I is for Imagine. The greatest song ever.
J is for 'Jab jab phool khiley'- it's a brilliant title!
K is for Kanchenjungha. The first view of this peak from my hotel window in Darjeeling everytime I go is heaven.
L is for love. It does exist and is stronger than anything.
M is for Misty - I love the smell.
N is for Night. The time for introspection and realization. And it's also for New York- my favourite place.
O is for Oh Calcutta! Great kosha maangsho!
P is for plans that never materialize.
Q is for Questions that never escape my mind.
R is for Rains. I dunno why but I just love smell of wet earth after the rains.
S is for Shakespeare. Hamlet is a philosophy.
T is for Tata..the best way to say a goodbye.
U is for Understand. It's the final solution to all mistakes and fuck ups.
V is for Viola. i love this instrument.
W is for wall, which people keep building and I keep breaking them at every move.
X is for X-mas. We have the best party on every christmas eve.
Y is for Yaa. something I always mumble to myself whenever I trust my heart.
Z is for Zimmerman! the great songwriter!