Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Faraway in the crooked eyes of the night
where insights nestle with pride
My bewildered mind slowly rewinds
from the brokenhearted pavements of light

What took me so close to the lonely gallows
when I barely could feel the glow
I lived and I died , you laughed and you cried
and then you went away with the flow.

those precious hours, took away a lifetime
as the carpet moved below
the drops on the flowers faded at the right time
on the road we were bound to go

the postcards flew and bid me adieu
the highway stopped singin' the blues
shadow to shadow my fingers bled
my soul string didn't have a clue

in this earthly realm, full of ache and condemn
there aren't many visions of the thorns
the stains of blood dried on the crown
yet helplessly life goes on.


little boxes said...

i am glad you started blogging again.
this is beautiful...
beautifully etched imageries.

Neel said...

little boxes@ means a lot, coming from you. I tried... I wasn't sure if would be able to scribble anything at all...

loony girl said...

u blooged after more than a year! its beautiful!!

Poet in flames said...

Beautiful imageries. Plz drop by my blog n c my poetry as well.