Tuesday, March 25, 2008


A is for Austerity. I believe great art is austere.
B is for Boo...the most important part of my life.
C is for Calcutta , that's the name I grew up with. And Coffee, strong and black wih 2 suger cubes.
D is for Dylan- the prophet, the painter, the piper!
E is for Elvis Presley, i cud die for that voice.
F is for friends...still searching!
G is for Godot. It has many interpretations. To me it means Hope. G is also for Guitar.
H is for Home- where my dreams are safe and sound, where my music playes on and on!
I is for Imagine. The greatest song ever.
J is for 'Jab jab phool khiley'- it's a brilliant title!
K is for Kanchenjungha. The first view of this peak from my hotel window in Darjeeling everytime I go is heaven.
L is for love. It does exist and is stronger than anything.
M is for Misty - I love the smell.
N is for Night. The time for introspection and realization. And it's also for New York- my favourite place.
O is for Oh Calcutta! Great kosha maangsho!
P is for plans that never materialize.
Q is for Questions that never escape my mind.
R is for Rains. I dunno why but I just love smell of wet earth after the rains.
S is for Shakespeare. Hamlet is a philosophy.
T is for Tata..the best way to say a goodbye.
U is for Understand. It's the final solution to all mistakes and fuck ups.
V is for Viola. i love this instrument.
W is for wall, which people keep building and I keep breaking them at every move.
X is for X-mas. We have the best party on every christmas eve.
Y is for Yaa. something I always mumble to myself whenever I trust my heart.
Z is for Zimmerman! the great songwriter!