Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm there somewhere

Alas its over. The most eventful year in my life till now. A lot happened. My first film as a music composer was released and by God's grace it's still doing very well. It was followed by my second film. Souls were released My Amma(grand'ma) who was suffering for a decade almost, passed way. My Appa (maternal grand'pa) who suffered a lot too passed away. The two gentle souls were relieved of the pain and suffering. My first album as a singer/songwriter was released this october.
My dog 'Mokai' passed away a few hours ago.
I do feel sad to lose my close ones but again it has made me realize some truths and made me look at death positively. I completed one year with the best person in my life. We went through a lot but am so proud to have her by my side always. This year made me realize true love will always exist. It's how we percieve it. This year has gaiven me moments that I'll always cherish as memories. It gave me confidence to stick on and never give up. It made me realize 'never is the time to say enough is enough'. It taught me that sorry is never the hardest word.
"All I can do is be me. Whoever that is"


^*^Clouds^*^ said...

The year has made many of us grow up in the real sense of the term. Yes, it has very eventful for me, too. I never thought I could stick around with myself during troubles. I always thought I needed someone's shoulder to cry on...This year, I understood how strong my parents had made me. Tears blurred my vision yet, the real me was there somewhere.

I also realized what true love was. It meant sticking around for the person closest to you come what may. Pity, "It" wasnt true love. Now, I'm really really frightened of love.

Nevermind me.

I'm really glad I got to know Beads and you. :)

Happy New Year.

little boxes said...

its beautiful...
cheers to all the great times this year beholds...and as for all the not so great times,we shall stick by each other...
i am glad i found you.
love you...

Neel said...

clouds@life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...cheers and happy new year.
little boxes@ close your eyes, have no fear. the monsters gone, is on teh run and your baby's here!