Friday, May 4, 2007

Broken belches of sorry feelings
crimson memories, offhand guesses
I would hate to lose you
I thought I was there with you
Perhaps I'm the only one to be blamed
but one day you'll turn back and see...
...Life is a lost note of Miles
pumping through the gaslit alleys
where the dawn leaves dim memories of a dark night
sordid, turbulent, pale, orgiastic
where methodical faces move to and fro
we are another two lost souls
swimmin' in the middle of nowhere
If I knew the way I'd take you home.


little boxes said...

man...u rock!!!

Shreya Sarkar said...

Beautifully are a 'very creative' guy (with tonnes of oddities not 2 mention!!!).... but we forgive all of them as long as you keep infusing so much magic into prosaic words!

Princess Banter said...

"if I knew the way I'd take you home" -- I love this line the best, as it embodies hope and faith. That it is all not over yet so don't give up. Well done!

Neel said...

that last line is the last line of the song 'Ripple' by Grateful Dead.

* bemused! said...

beautiful!thats all i can say!